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Sink Wash

Experience the power of nature with our new Sink Wash, formulated with clean, nature-based ingredients. Designed to cut through soap scum, greasy residues, and limescale, our Sink Wash provides just the right amount of abrasive power to lift and remove dirt and grease effortlessly.

Sink Wash

  • •Baking Soda: Gentle yet effective in cleaning build-up and eliminating odors.

    •Washing Soda: Boosts cleaning power, tackling tough stains and grime.

    •Citric Acid: Naturally dissolves limescale, leaving surfaces sparkling clean

  • •Cuts through soap scum, greasy residues, and limescale

    •Provides the perfect balance of abrasiveness to remove dirt and grease

    •Cleans build-up and kills mold, bacteria, and mildew

    Enjoy a fresh, clean sink with our eco-friendly Sink Wash, perfect for maintaining a pristine home with the power of natural ingredients

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